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Pillar One:  Racial Healing

Racial Healing Defined: Restoring wholeness to humanity through recognizing and respecting commonalities and cultures in order to acknowledge past wrongs and to build genuine relationships across races.


Pillar Two:  Poverty Awareness

Poverty Awareness Defined:  Becoming continually aware through training and education that a caste system exists and through systemic change it can be transformed to provide all an equal opportunity for economic and life success.

Pillar Three:  Employability & Entrepreneurship

Employability & Entrepreneurship Defined: Gaining essential skills through education and training that are suitable for a work environment and/or becoming financially stable through undertaking a business venture(s).  


Pillar Four:  Leadership Development

Leadership Development Defined:  Providing opportunities for participation in programming aimed at the development of leadership skills to be used in all settings – home, work, community, church, among others.


Pillar Five:  Culturally Responsive Education

Culturally Responsive Education Defined:  Educating from the perspective of relating respectfully with people of your own culture as well as those from other cultures (National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems:  Dimensions of Culturally Responsive Education, p. 13)

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