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Volunteers are critical to advancing Unlimited Potential CDC mission to create opportunities for people to build more prosperous futures and vibrant communities. We thank you in advance for considering sharing your time and talents through one of the current volunteer opportunities.





  • Host Unlimited Potential Athletics Youth Sports League - UPCDC Athletics is intended to assist youth with not only learning the foundational skills for sports, but to also educate them on how to treat others in the sports environment.  Unlimited Potential Athletics Youth Sports League began in 2021 for youth in grades K through 5.  It was previously the Upward Program.  In addition to the youth sports league, UPCDC has a girls AAU team for 4th and 5th grade girls called Unlimited Potential Athletics Elite.

  • The Love Kitchen (Meals on Wheels) - The Love Kitchen (Meals on Wheels) is a program that serves primarily the elderly who are unable to prepare or acquire hot meals.  Meals are prepared and delivered each week.

  • Stay Warm Shelter - The Stay Warm Shelter operates during the months of January and February.  People who are homeless are fed a hot meal and provided a place to sleep during the coldest months of the year.  Each Friday evening people who are homeless in the Gallatin area are transported to Unlimited Potential Community Life Center.  They can stay for the night and are transported back to their original location the next morning after being fed breakfast and being given another meal for the day.  

  • THDA Homebuyers Education Class - THDA Homebuyers Education classes are taught through Unlimited Potential.  This provides those seeking approval for an FHA mortgage the opportunity to complete a major step in the process.  The THDA class must be completed and a certificate given in order for an individual to apply for an FHA mortgage.

  • Emergency Housing - Unlimited Potential partners with local hotels in the Gallatin area and in a limited number of surrounding communities to provide overnight emergency housing.

  • Hygiene Pantry - Unlimited Potential partners the Community Resource Center of Nashville to provide free hygiene pantry items to individuals and families. The individuals and families can visit the pantry one time per month but the pantry is open to the public each Tuesday from 10am-2pm and is located in the Community Life Center Gym.

  • Partnership with Second Harvest to eradicate hunger - Unlimited Potential partners with Second Harvest Food Bank in Nashville, TN.  Second Harvest provides perishable and non-perishable foods for Unlimited Potential to distribute to those in the surrounding communities who are food insecure.  This initiative is carried out at least quarterly, but at certain times during the year may be done more often.

  • Summer Camps (Elementary & Middle) - Summer camps provide educational enrichment for at risk and low income students residing in the Gallatin area and surrounding communities.  Programs are available for students in the second through fifth grade (Elementary) and also for those in sixth through eighth grade (Middle).  The Elementary program focuses on literacy, art, STEM education primarily science and math while the Middle school program focuses on healthy choices, literacy and life skills.  Both groups are afforded the opportunity to participate in outings to help with reinforcing what they have learned during that week.

  • Workout Room & Gym - Unlimited Potential has a Community Life Center which contains a gymnasium and workout room complete with exercise and weight machines as well as free weights.  People 15 and under can utilize the gym free of charge.  Those 16 and over must pay a minimal daily fee to use the gym.  Memberships are available for use of the workout room and are a one-time fee.

  • Facilities Rental - The Community Life Center may be rented for various events.  An hourly rental fee is charged plus additional charges for janitorial services.  If a smaller space than the gym is needed, the café space can also be rented.  Other portions of the building that can be rented are the conference room, computer lab, concessions area, fitness room and sound equipment is available.  You must contact Unlimited Potential for rental rates and availability.   

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